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Full version:

Price (per user)   excl. VAT / Sales Tax  
DeduplicationWizard 4.2 entry   USD 149 buy now
DeduplicationWizard 4.2 standard   USD 249 buy now
DataQualityTools 4.2 professional   USD 398 buy now
DataQualityTools 4.2 enterprise   USD 698 buy now
BatchDeduplicator 4.2   USD 1198 buy now
BatchDeduplicator 4.2 + DataQualityTools 4.2 enterprise   USD 1598 buy now

Sales tax may be added to the prices mentioned below.


Note: In this case, the purchase transaction takes place with "share-it! - Digital River GmbH". The seller of the product is therefore share-it! (Customer Care Center), and we are the producers.


Quantity discount:

Quantity Discount Quantity Discount Quantity Discount Quantity Discount
>= 2
10% >= 4
20% >= 8
30% >= 16



Price (per user) to DW
to DQT
to DQT
Upgrade from DeduplicationWizard entry buy now buy now buy now
Upgrade from DeduplicationWizard standard   buy now buy now
Upgrade from DataQualityTools professional     buy now

DQT = DataQualityTools, DW = DeduplicationWizard


Note: Our software products are always purely digital products. For this reason, the delivery consists of the activation key (which you receive per email), the program file (can be downloaded by the user from this website), and the online documentation (part of the program, enclosed in the program file). Optionally, you can also request a program CD.