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( Release date: 9/16/2018 )

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Maximum number of records per table unlimited
Excel (xls / xlsx / xlsm)
OpenOffice / LibreOffice (ods)
Deduplication in One File
Deduplication between Two Files
Faulty Addresses List
Determining the Salutation for Letters
Creating a Standard Address File
Merging Tables
Manual Post-Editing
Deletion Log
Deleting in the Source Table
Results File
Archive File

Unlike the DeduplicationWizard, the DataQualityTools not only support Excel as a data source, but also ACCESS (mdb / accdb), VistaDB (vdb5), EXCEL (xls / xlsx / xlsm), OpenOffice / LibreOffice (ods), dBase (dbf), CSV and text files. The DataQualityTools even support database servers such as the MS SQL-Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and ORACLE.