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( Release date: 2024/5/15 )

BatchDeduplicator 8 -The solution that allows you to schedule data maintenance and quality.

BatchDeduplicator 8

Deduping Excel, ACCESS, SQL





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BatchDeduplicator is a program for regular deduplication performed in address tables on a fixed schedule, in order to ensure the long-term data quality. Particularly repetitive advertising in the case of direct marketing and the unnecessary repeated maintenance of client and other address data can thus be avoided. Of course, this leads to a direct savings of costs. Furthermore, deduping between two tables can also account for a list of customers who do not wish to receive marketing mailings, which can save you a lot of trouble.

Here is a brief overview of the features of BatchDeduplicator:

  • Fast, largely automated and user-friendly deduplication functions for address databases. The postal address (error-tolerant matching), telephone number, email address, address or customer number and tax number can all serve as deduping criteria to identify and erase duplicates (dupes).
  • Exact hits, where every character is matched, are not the only results found: so too are near-duplicates (fuzzy matching) and duplicated addresses. In this, the following are taken into account, in particular: Typos, Spelling variations, Omissions and additions, Misplaced words, Abbreviations and Pet names / nicknames.
  • User-defined universal matching, which can be used for any form of data.
  • Option to deduplicate between two tables, for example, to consider blacklists or to synchronize address lists.
  • Option to combine multiple tables into a single deduping operation.
  • The result can be used to enrich data. For example, a telephone number from a second table could be transferred to the first table using the matching result.
  • Numerous options for the further processing of the matching results: in addition to deleting the duplicates / dupes directly in the source table, it is also possible to flag the results in the source table, or to process the matching results further using a stored procedure, a duplicates-, a results- or an archive-file
  • A deletion and results log that includes comments and your own logo, which can be saved as a PDF file, among others.
  • The possibility of planning projects. For example, the program could be instructed to execute a certain project every Monday at 8 pm.
  • The possibility of executing one or several projects by starting the program with command line parameters. An example of this would be: 'BatchDeduplicator -exec 1+5+7'
  • Of course, all projects can also be started manually.
  • The results of a project are documented in detail. If records are modified or deleted through the execution of a project, a backup of these records is also created in doing so.
  • If desired, the user can be notified per email about the results of a project.
  • Local processing of data, no need to transfer data to an external service provider. This simplifies compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Almost any type of data source can be processed, such as ACCESS (mdb / accdb), EXCEL (xls / xlsx / xlsm / xlsb), dBase (dbf), OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc (ods), CSV files and text files, but also database servers such as MS SQL Server, Azure SQLMySQLMariaDB, PostgreSQL and ORACLE.
  • Large amounts of data can also be processed. Parallel, and therefore particularly fast, processing on systems with several processor cores.
  • Support for high-resolution displays (4k).
  • Language (user interface): English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Tested and run compatible using Windows 10 / Windows 11.

In order to be able to use our software without any restrictions, you can, directly from the respective program, request a trial activation for one week. A corresponding option is presented when you open the program for the first time. The activation key will be sent to you per email. Free mail addresses such as or are not admissible for this purpose. Thank you for your understanding.



Maximum number of records per table unlimited
Extensive speed optimisation [++]
MS SQL-Server
Azure SQL
Excel (xls / xlsx / xlsm)
OpenOffice / LibreOffice (ods)
ACCESS (mdb / accdb)
dBase (dbf)
Matching in one Table
Matching Using the Postal Address (one Table)
Matching Using the Telephone Number (one Table)
Matching Using the Email Address (one Table)
Matching Using the Customer No. (one Table)
Matching Using the Tax Number (one Table)
Matching Using a Date (one Table)
Universal matching within one File/Table
Matching between two Tables
Matching Using the Postal Address (two Tables)
Matching Using the Telephone Number (two Tables)
Matching Using the Email Address (two Tables)
Matching Using the Customer No. (two Tables)
Matching Using the Tax Number (two Tables)
Matching Using a Date (two Tables)
Universal matching between two Files/Tables
Multiple Deduplication
Multiple Deduplication Using the Postal Address
Multiple Deduplication Using the Telephone Number
Multiple Deduplication Using the Email Address
Multiple Deduplication Using the Customer No.
Multiple Deduplication Using the Tax Number
Multiple Deduplication Using a Date
Faulty Addresses List
Scheduled project processing
Execution of projects with command line parameters
Execution Log
Notification Email
Project Administration
Manual Post-Editing
Deletion Log
Results Log
Deleting in the Source Table
Results File
Archive File
Duplicates File
Flagging Records
Deleting Using a Stored Procedure
Enriching a database using the matching results
Language (user interface):
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish



[++] Extensive speed optimisation, which makes the result available even faster. Among other things, the full performance of the system on which the program is running is exploited by processing the data in parallel.