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( Release date: 3/26/2018 )

DataQualityTools 4.2 - The software that helps you make the most out of your data.


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Reduce advertising costs by avoiding double solicitations? Manage your addresses more efficiently through better databases, because they are free of duplicates / dupes? Take account of lists of those who do not wish to receive marketing mailings? Transfer information from a second external database to your own addresses?

DataQualityTools is a collection of tools to help businesses improve the data quality of their databases by data cleansing. The central components involve a series of functions which help to find duplicats (deduplication software / dedupe software) and, above all, a function for error-tolerant deduplication (fuzzy matching) based on the postal address (possible data sources: ACCESS, EXCEL, OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc, MS SQL-Server, MySQLMariaDB, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2ORACLE, dBase, VistaDB, CSV files and text files). In the case of direct marketing, this helps you to avoid double solicitations and the redundant maintenance of customer addresses and other records. Of course, this leads to significantly savings in your expenses. But it also improves the outward image of your company. And through the consideration of opt-out lists / Robinson lists / MPS lists, you can also avoid trouble with people who do not wish to receive marketing mailings.

Here is a brief overview of the features of DataQualityTools:

  • Fast, largely automated and user-friendly deduplication functions for address databases (dedupe software). The postal address (error-tolerant / fuzzy matching), telephone number, email address, address or customer number and tax number can all serve as matching criteria to find and remove duplicates (dupes).
  • User-defined universal matching, that can be used for any kind of data.
  • Option to dedupe between two tables, for example to process blacklists.
  • Option to combine multiple tables into a single deduplication operation.
  • Option to merge columns from two records using the matching results.
  • Numerous options for the further processing of the matching results: in addition to deleting the duplicates directly in the source table, it is also possible to flag the results in the source table, or to process it further using a stored procedure, a duplicates-, a results- or an archive-file.
  • A project history, which provides information about what was done when with a given project.
  • A deletion and results log that includes comments and your own logo, which can be saved as a PDF file, among others.
  • Various functions for the preparation of address- and other databases, such as case correction, a function to replace terms and a function to delete individual records systematically.
  • A range of functions for splitting or merging data fields, among others to split telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Various summary lists, that help one gain a quick overview of an address database.
  • Almost any type of data source can be processed, such as ACCESS (mdb / accdb), VistaDB (vdb5), EXCEL (xls / xlsx / xlsm), dBase (dbf), OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc (ods), CSV files and text files, but also database servers such as MS SQL Server, MySQLMariaDB, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and ORACLE.
  • Large amounts of data can also be processed. This was tested with, among others, the MS SQL Server and with ACCESS, each with 5.5 million records, which were processed in under one hour.
  • Support for high-resolution displays (4k).
  • Tested and run compatible using Windows 10 (32Bit / 64Bit), Windows 8 (32Bit / 64Bit) and Windows 7 (32Bit / 64Bit).


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