Software to Find and Remove Duplicates (Deduplication / Dedupe Software)

With this desktop app, you can be sure that when you run a marketing campaign, each recipient receives only one copy of your mailing. What’s more, you can have it take opt-out lists into account. And it lowers the cost of compiling and maintaining address lists. Not only can you do the data clean-up yourself, it will cost you very little time and money. So why wait to benefit from our de-duplication software?

Example: Score  
Albert Einstein    
= Einstein Albert 97%  
= A. Einstein 95%  
= Albert Einssein 94%  
= Abert Meinstein 86%  

Find duplicates in spite of

  • Typos
  • Spelling variations
  • Omissions and additions
  • Misplaced words
  • Abbreviations

Fast, flexible and user-friendly:

  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Local processing of data, no need to transfer data to an external service provider.
  • Data source (address lists and databases): Excel, Access, MS SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, MariaDB, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, OpenOffice Calc, LibreOffice, dBase, VistaDB, CSV files and text files.
  • Can also be used for large databases.

Everything you need for data clean-up:

  • Search for duplicates inside a table.
  • Search for duplicates between two tables.
  • Search for duplicates by postal address (fuzzy matching), phone number, email address or any other criteria.
  • Use results in various ways, for example: delete, mark or enrich.

Other functions for quality improvement:

  • Detect gender based on first name.
  • Determine the salutation of a letter.
  • Delete selected data records.
  • Correct the postal code format.
  • and much more ...

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